These are the missions that Smyrna Christian Church supports.

Jesus Place Inner City Mission

Since 1970, Jesus Place Inner City Mission has ministered to families in poverty and the homeless. Their goal is to promote Christ and his church in the city of Atlanta.

CRAM Worldwide Inc.

Christ's Reaching Asia Mission, Inc., or CRAM, was started and run by C.Y. and Patricia Kim. They help to spread Christ's message in China, Russia, North Korea, Philippines, and Cambodia. They, with the help of their partners, help people get food and water, education, help find new homes, build up churches, get medical help, and much more.


Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism, or FAME, impacts thousands of adults and children globally through better medical access and care.Through partnerships with Christian missions and indigenous churches throughout the world, FAME seeks to aid under reached and under-served populations utilizing medical evangelism.

Central Japan Christian Mission

Central Japan Christian Mission represents the Japan missionaries at conventions, maintains a list of current missionaries and recruits, and maintains a jobs list. They also try to educate on Japan's spiritual climate, offer prayer guides and strategies, suggest how to witness to Japanese living in the U.S., and connect Christians and churches with Japanese seekers, both in Japan and the U.S. They create networks with missionaries of other denominations, Christian organizations, campus ministries, etc.


Central India Christian Mission, or CICM, responds to the needs of the people in Central and Northern India as well as Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh through discipleship, child sponsorship, medical care, disaster relief and leadership training.

Voice of the Martyrs

Voice of the Martyrs are serving persecuted Christians through practical and spiritual assistance and leading other members of the Body of Christ into fellowship with them.