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The Faith That Makes A Difference
Part I

A Sunday morning Bible School teacher asked her class “What is faith?” No one seemed to know the answer. Finally one little boy said “Faith is believing something you know is not true.” Is that what you think faith is? [Just to make sure I don’t mislead anyone -- that is the wrong answer.] Let’s talk about faith -- “the faith that makes a difference.” The Greek words for faith (pivsti", pisteuvw) are used over 500 times in the New Testament. Sometimes it is translated faith and sometimes it is translated believe (or belief). Is faith required to please God? What is faith, really? How do we acquire faith?


What is faith? Is it required? How do I acquire it? From the Christian perspective faith is a firm conviction that what the Bible says about God and Jesus are absolutely true, that you surrender yourself to Jesus because of what you believe and that you live your life based on that conviction. Faith is believing something that you know is true. (Not like the little boy in the introduction.) God requires faith from us. It is the one thing that makes the difference between a saved person and a lost person. What you believe will determine where you spend eternity. God requires that you believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Do you believe that? Do you have that faith? Do you know Jesus as your personal Savior?

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